VarSome's Application Programming Interface

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All editions of VarSome provide powerful programming interfaces which allow easy integration with your own in-house-built bioinformatics pipeline for variant analysis and interpretation.

VarSome API

  • VarSome REST API has been designed to be as simple as possible to use: you send a simple request to VarSome's API and you get a response in JSON format. This makes it ideal for implementation in Python, R, Perl, Java, or any other programming language.

    The API has been designed with performance in mind: in practice it can fully annotate over 1'000 variants per second over an average internet connection. This is made possible through batching requests, as demonstrated in the reference API client: each API request can contain several thousand variants in a single call. A user-configurable allele frequency filter allows you to further increase throughput up to 4x faster: this filter will skip variants whose gnomAD allele frequency is higher than a threshold that you set.

    VarSome Pro and VarSome Clinical come with powerful API for two-way communication.

    With VarSome Pro API and Varsome Clinical API you can easily automate the process of uploading raw FASTQ or VCF files, as well as obtaining the resulting annotated VCF files, filtered or unfiltered.

VarSome API

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